Game description

Battlefield 3 - the third in a series of one of the most popular multiplayer war shooters. EA DICE, the original creators of Battlefield, once again helm the develepoment process.

The third in Battledield series consists of a singleplayer campaign and a trademark, advanced multiplayer. The solo campaign enables the player to visit one of the most interesting and dangerous locations of our planet - United States (New York), Europe (Paris) and the Middle East (Tehran, Kurdistan). 

The online aspect of Battlefield 3 takes place in locations similar to the singleplayer campaign, where players are divided between a four class system: Assault, Engineer, Recon and Support. Every class has a unique role to fulfill with a tremendous impact on every battle. The Assault class prefers close quarters combat, also assuming the role of a medic. Support provides covering fire with his light machinegun. Engineer disposes of enemy vehicles and performs repair on allied machinery. 

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