Game description

Battlefield 4 is the entertainment event of the year. The game sets completely new standards. Using the latest Frostbite 3.0 technology, Battlefield 4 is a unique experience, not to be found elsewhere.

Only in Battlefield 4 can you destroy whole buildings, rather than sift out individual enemies from their windows. Only Battlefield 4 lets you launch assaults from water, from the deck of a gunboat. In Battlefield 4, You get to choose. Play as you wish and win as you like to win. 

Apart from the acclaimed multiplayer, Battlefield 4 brings a cinematic singleplayer campaign with an expressive set of characters. The story begins in Shanghai, as we extract a group of American VIPs. As the situation developes, you and your squadmates will have to find your way home. 

This game is a class in itself, excluding all competition. Find out what it feels like to be in the heart of a total war. Only in Battlefield 4.

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