Game description

The fifth original release in the quintessential computer game series, Sid Meier's Civilization V introduces new concepts and conditions to the classic turn-based strategy play, along with presentational and computational refinements to take advantage of contemporary PC capabilities. The most prominent change is that maps are broken down on a hexagonal grid, instead of the square tiles of earlier editions. Multiple military units no longer stack on a single tile. The hex grid allows for more natural flow of terrain, and armies maneuver realistically across it. With significance beyond their size or stature, the new "City States" affect play as well, by influencing diplomacy and other interactions between larger nations. Civ V also brings back the series' panel of interactive advisors, available to provide user help as well as departmentally informed opinions on all in-game decisions. For interaction with actual human players, a built-in "Community Hub" allows internet-connected gamers to trade scenarios, compare achievements, and set up multiplayer bouts.

In Sid Meier's Civilization games, the player becomes the enduring leader of a small tribe of people, beginning at the dawn of history and guiding them through the ages, to develop into a mighty nation or even a world-dominating empire. Starting with only stone-age tools and weapons, the tribe of settlers founds the nation's first city. Provided ample food and protection, this city will grow large enough to produce more settlers, who can expand the nation by establishing additional cities. As all the great nations of the world grow to cover the continents, the borders between them can become places of considerable conflict. Players can fend off attacks and capture new territory from rival nations through diplomacy, warfare, and popular influence. By researching different technologies, the player's nation gains the ability to construct related facilities, weapons, and social institutions, which in turn can allow for further technological, territorial, and cultural expansion.

Key Features:
  • The fifth full-featured original release in the quintessential computer game series
  • Lead your tribe from humble stone-age beginnings to space-age world domination
  • Research new technologies, engage in diplomacy, or wage war against rival nations
  • Hexagonal maps allow for flowing terrain and realistic military maneuvers
  • In-game "Community Hub" allows gamers connect, chat, compare, and compete

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