Game description

Counter-Strike began its existence as a simple modification for Half-Life way back in 1999. In its day, Counter-Strike, despite being much more simple than it is today, was a revolutionary take on multiplayer gaming. The game promotes teamwork and allows the player to completely customize his or her playing experience by purchasing preferred weapons and equipment, and even going as far as to select what his or her player looks like from a selection of four character models (per team).

There are several forms of gameplay in Counter-Strike. In all scenarios, there are two teams (Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists) who much accomplish competing objectives, such as planting explosives/defusing explosives or hostage situations. One of the games revolutionary features is the purchasing system. With every enemy you kill and objective you complete, you and your team are awarded money, and with this money you are allowed to purchase new and better weapons, personal equipment, grenades, and so forth, allowing the player to tailor his or her style to every situation that may be encountered.

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