Game description

After a decade-long absence, Blizzard's beloved and oft-imitated isometric RPG looter returns with more monsters, more randomly generated dungeons, a new auction system for trading, and four new character classes in Diablo III. Gamers can choose to play as a wizard, a witch doctor, a demon hunter, a monk, or a barbarian, with each class offering unique styles of play, and each making use of a different resource system. Set 20 years after the events of Diablo II, Diablo III sends players to Tristram to investigate stories about a fallen star, said to be a sign of the End Times.

As their journey progresses, gamers will be able to enlist the aid of followers, who can join in battles, be outfitted with weapons and armor, and receive upgrades. Artisans and craftsmen can also be added to the party, and, if properly trained, they can take the scores of skill runes, weapons, and pieces of armor players collect and use them to produce stronger items. Surplus items can also be sold off in the new auction house, allowing gamers to accrue in-game gold or real-world money for their fantasy exploits. Now, players who find a powerful weapon only useable by another class can immediately sell or trade that item, instead of having to search for an in-game vendor.

Blizzard has also attempted to improve other areas of the Diablo formula, including a new inventory management system designed to encourage less hoarding of skill points, more defensive abilities for a refined combat experience, more control options, and dedicated PvP arenas for multiplayer combat. And for those who just can't get enough, Diablo III includes classic "Nightmare" and "Hell" difficulty settings, as well as the new "Inferno" mode that offers magnificent rewards to those who can handle its brutal difficulty.

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