Game description

Twelve years after the original StarCraft "zerged" its way onto computers, Blizzard's sci-fi strategy game finally receives its sequel with Wings of Liberty. Once again the game features three rival factions: the gritty, gutty Terrans; the slithering, swarming Zergs; and the psionic, cybernetic Protoss. The single-player campaign focuses on the scrappy terrans, led by Jim Raynor, in a narrative spanning 29 missions. To help those new to the StarCraft universe, a number of mini-games are included to introduce key tactics and strategies.

Wings of Liberty is the first of three planned StarCraft games, each offering a single-player campaign focused on one of the three races (all races are available for offline skirmishes or online competition). Wings of Liberty is released in two packages: a game-only version and a collector's edition. The collector's edition features a 176-page book on the game's art, a making-of DVD, a soundtrack CD, a comic book, exclusive downloadable content for online play, a terran "Thor" pet for World of WarCraftcharacters, and a USB flash drive containing the original StarCraft and its Brood War expansion.

The second entry in Blizzard Entertainment's planned StarCraft II trilogy, the Heart of the Swarm expansion focuses on the insect-like Zerg race and its leader Sarah Kerrigan, who seeks revenge against Arcturus Mengsk, the Terran Emperor who tried to kill her. Set two years after Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm's single-player missions include Kerrigan travelling back to the planet Char to fend off rogue queens and reassemble her swarm, and a trip to the ice planet Kaldir to search for a lost brood and learn how to adapt to frigid temperatures.

StarCraft II Features

  • StarCraft's sequel features an all-new 3D engine for more detailed environments and large-scale armies
  • Play as or against the protoss, terran, and zerg races while mastering new unit types and technology
  • Features a 29-mission single-player campaign and challenge-based mini-games

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